Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951


Varsity S

Though a non-active organization, the Varsity "S" Club strives not only to win trophies for SHS but also to display good examples of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Among the Varsity "S" athletes are Clagett, Thomas, Ingledue, Keriazes, Bircher; Jackson, Bronston; Sallee, Cahoon, Campbell; Diehl, Brown; Hutchins, McKaig; Clause, Hunt, White; Hawkins, Shatto, Bailey; Ross, Myers Englefield; Murphy, Morris

Other members include White, Bussey, Wilson, Griffin, Sharpless; Green, T. Kennerly, C. Kenerly, Koogler, Halloway; Thomas, Dyer, Johnston; Bodenberg, Richison, Hulsizer, Kramer, Ellis, Sager.

Jr.-Sr. Friendship

Come one, come all! Where — ? Why to Jr.-Sr. Friendship, of course. Every member looks forward to the next meeting on a tuesday night. The club had some wonderful dances this year among which were "Candyland" and the "Marshmallow Whirl". Other activities were a bake sale, the Spring Style Show, and a potluck. Combined meetings with Soph., Jr., and Sr. Hi-Y clubs proved very successful. A highlight of arrangement was a bang-up Talent Show with members of each group taking part.

(Starting at top of stairs) Officers are Carol Berman, Nancy Shaw, Phyllis Martin, Lynne Garlough, Stevie Stiles, Peggy Lemen, Nancy Cullum, Diane Buzzell, Susie Wilgus, Janny Mellinger, Marilyn Rolfes, and advisor Mrs. Ostberg.

This group of busy, friendly girls always has an interesting project on the line. They meet on Friday afternoons at 2:45 under the leadership of Mrs. Shepard. One of their most successful dances this year was the Bunny Hop, held during Easter vacation. They prepared a Christmas basket overflowing with presents and food for a needy family, and members also donated cookies and candy to the Clark County Home. Money collected from hayrides and other parties financed a trip for the delegate to Summer Y-Teen Conference.

(Standing) Norma Brumfield, Nancy Cotter, Susie Lemen, Diane Huston, Judy Nation, KIit Nolte. (Seated) Marcia Williamson and Jean Morrin.