Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Old Advertising


William Anderson Dry Goods
Anthony House
Atherton's Furniture
The Barn
Bauer Bros. Co.
Thomas W. Bean, Saddlery
Beaver Hat Store
A. A. Blount, Surgeon & Dentist
Bonded Oil Co.
Borden's Dairy
The Boston Store
J. W. Brain, Brewer & Maltster
Brain Lumber Co.
Robert Black, Books
Alfred Cavileer, tinware
Christie & Paige, Flooring
Circle Cab
Citizens Bank of South Charleston
Thomas J. Clark, Painting
Clarke County Democrat
D. M. & A. P. L. Cochran, Insurance Agents
Crist-Kissell Company
G. W. Dalie, Liquors
William Diehl, Coppersmith
Dimel's Shoe Store
E. M. Doty & Co., Hardware
Egleston & Sons Paint Store
Dr. Jno. C. Fall
Fountain House
Filler & Boggs
Foos, Norton & Co.
Frankenberg & Muzzy
John Gibbs, Barber
Gilbert's Shoe Store
Harrison & Co. Grocers
Hart Jewelry Co.
The Harvard
Hatch & Whiteley Iron Foundry
Benjamin Holloway's Livery Stable
Holsum Bread
Householder & O'Neal Saddlery
Huben & Lepold, Brewers
Daniel V. Huben, Grocer
M. M. Johnson, Jeweler
J. W. Kills & Co. Book Bindery
J. Klinefelter & Co. Hardware
Littleton's Funeral Home
Geo. L. Loucks, Grocer
McCleary-Jones Insurance
I. C. McCreight, Dry Goods
James McKaig, Photographer
Meadowgold Dairy
George Meek Co.
James Moody, Saddlery
David Mowen, Blacksmith
Mrs. Mary Mulholland, Jewelry
Peter Murray, Dry Goods
National Supply Company
Henry Nelson, Painter
F. Otto & E. Dietzel, Tinware
Dr. J. C. Paoli
Perfection Laundry Co.
A. Pierong Marble Works
Porter Music Shop
Rabbitts & Olds Woolen Mfg.
A. Raffensperger, Saddle Maker
Ramsay & Baxter, Lumber
Rapid Photo Service
Reco Sporting Goods
Rembrandt Portrait Studio
Drs. Rodgers & Buckingham
John Rohrer, Blacksmith
William Runyon Hardware
Schuler's Bakeries
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
J. D. Smith, Book Binder
L. Shaffer, Lock and White Smith
Shamrock Recreation Center
Skylight Daguerrean Gallery
W. T. Smith Meats
George Spence, Attorney
Springfield Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Springfield Distillery
Springfield Foundry
Springfield News
Springfield Republic
Steele & Morrow, Tobacconists
E. P. Stephenson & Co., Printers
J. C. Stewart, Grocer
Sulphur Springs Saloon
Jack Thornton's Clothing
United States Hotel
Vogue Shop
Wallace and Company Insurance
David West, Carriages
Wrens Department Store
A. R. Wright, Stationery
M. W. Ward, Auction
Western Hotel
T. A. Wick & Co. Printers