Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Language Clubs

Even those who don't thrill to the sound of a foreign tongue or the grammar of their own can find pleasure in a language club. The German kraut supper, the Spanish "sings", and the LatinValentine party added touches of gaiety to the year. Our Englishmen tried hard for the title of poet laureate, while the French dazzled their audience with a glamorous style show.

Bob Dittman is puzzling English Club members with his charade, "Nothing New Under the Sun".

The Latin Club keeps up the good old Roman traditions of great feasts by its annual picnic.

Phyllis Martin, Dick Markle, Shirlene Story, Pat Dillon, and Nancy Gebhardt pretend to be Spaniards for a day.

A foreign newspaper is fun to read, say these members of the German Club.