Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Future Business Leaders of America

The Future Business Leaders of America is made up of students particularly interested in typing, shorthand, bookeeping, and office practice. In their club meetings the future business leaders have programs that are helpful in the work that they will go into after high school or college.

This year they reviewed magazines and books pertinent to business education; and by speeches from both an employer and an employee, they saw office situations from different viewpoints. Timed writings and voice recordings were also part of the club agenda.

Along with this advancement in commercial subjects the members enjoy social programs, such as parties and picnics. By participating in this club the future business leaders not only broaden their knowledge of the department but also gain valuable experience by association with people who have similar interests.


The future Retailers of Ohio is an organization used as an outlet for classroom instruction. By selling pennants, caps, badges, and programs, members earned money to have an appreciation banquet for downtown merchants.

Following the banquet, the hundreds of balloons used were taken to the County Children's Home.

One of the club's outstanding projects was collecting tax stamps for the school. To select the next year's class, the students wrote and planned an assembly for the juniors. The social activities consist of monthly parties and one formal dance.