Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951 - Art

Every now and then a display in the library reminds us that the Art classes at SHS have spent a busy semester. Most of us little realize that we are almost constantly served by the boys and girls in 304.

Streamers announcing concerts, dramatic or athletic events are laid out and lettered as part of their contribution to the school. They produce posters for almost every phase of school activity — remember March of Dimes and Math Week?

It sometimes seems a miracle that they ever find time to study color and design and to produce the interesting pictures in pen and ink, pastel, water color and oil that we see on exhibition. Watch, too, for their intriguing little characters fashioned in paier mache.

In the Handicraft class, as in the graphic arts classes, boys and girls are giving expression to the creative urge. As men and women they will find inspiration and relaxation in the work of thier own hands.

The field of expression differs from year to year, depending on the interest of the members of the class-work in wood carving, metal work and sculpture.

Lynne Garlough takes her turn at posing for the members of the Senior Art class.