Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County Sabbath School Union

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881 - Page 359

This organization seems to have had its origin with a convention of Sunday school teachers held at South Charleston November 2, 1865, at which time a constitution was adopted, the first section of which explains the object of the body.

SECTION 1. This association shall be known as the Clark County Sabbath School Union. Its object shall be to unite all Evangelical Christians in the townships in efforts to promote the cause of Sunday schools in co-operation with the County Sunday School Union, adiing in establishing new schools where they are needed, and awakening increased interest and efficiency in such as are already in operation.

It was also provided by this instrument that the usual officers should be chosen at certain periods, and that there should be one Vice President in each township, whose duty it should be to look after the welfare of Sunday school interests in his township.

The first officers chosen were: President, E. M. Doty; Secretary, James Evans; Treasurer, J. M. Sheeder.

And the following Vice Presidents from the various townships: Rev. N. C. Smith, Madison Township; Rev. E. Hills, Harmony Township; A. B. Runyon, Pleasant Township; Robert Black; Pike Township; John Swearinger, German Township; John Johnson, Bethel Township; G. L. Massey, Mad River Township; Rev. D. R. Culmerry, Green Township; Rev. M. Thomas, Moorefield Township; William Berger, Springfield Township.

This organization has accomplished a great labor in connection with the branch of Christian work for which it was formed. Yearly meetings have been held in various parts of the county, and a free interchange of ideas by more frequent meetings of such as were disposed to grow in the service. Some idea of the method of work may be formed from the subjoined scheme which governed the last session of the Union, held in the English Lutheran Church, Springfield, ohio, Thursday, May 27, 1880.

The order of exercises was as follows: 9 o'clock, sharp, Devotional Exercises; 9:30, President's Address; Secretary's Report; Treasurer's Report and appointment of committees; 10, reports of Vice Presidents, Secretaries and others; 11, question box.

Afternoon session — 2, devotional exercises; 2:15, reports of committees; 2:45, question box; 4, Interchange of thoughts of what we have heard and what we will take home with us.

Evening — 8, Sabbath school mass meeting; to which all are invited. Come all, and join us.

Members of the convention were urged to come with practical questions upon the Sabbath school work in our county.

The officers were, President, J. M. Jones; Vice President, W. H. Berger; Secretary, A. L. King; Treasurer, G. W. Winger; Executive Committee, C. M. Nichols, C. A. Phelps, P. A. Schindler, A. Barr, W. H. Weir and Ross Mitchell.