Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


res. - residence.
E. - east.
N. - north.
S. - south.
W. - west
bd., bds - board, boards.
cor. - corner.
bet. - between.
st., sts. - street, streets.
s. - side
Those designated by a * are colored persons.


Gardner, Sam'l baker, res N E cor Jefferson & Factory sts
Garret, John H. carpenter, res Columbia st bet Limestone and Spring S s
Galloway, C. laborer, res Main st bet Factory and Mechanic S s
Gallagher, Mrs Hannah L., res S W cor Mill run and Hill sts
Gallagher, Patrick peddler, res Gallagher st bet Washington and High W s
Garlow, John blacksmith, bds with J. Bolen
Gadle, George laborer, res Urbna road W s
Garretson, Nehemiah huckster, res N W cor Washington Center sts
*Gammon, George drayman, res Two Pole st S end E s
Geotez, Jacob mason, res Main st bet Spring and Water
Geiger, H. R. Prof. of Wittenberg College
Gebhart, Wm. student of Wittenberg College
George, George baker, main st. bet Market and Center N s
Gedling, John mason, Gallagher st S of N depot
Geddis, P. H. printer, bds with Ann A. Greene
Gibens, Henry railroad hand, res Spring st bet Columbia and North W s
Gillett, John saddler, bds with C. F. McWilliams
Ging, Michael grocer, res Main st bet Spring & Water N s
Gillen, Jas. laborer, res Main st bet Spring and Foster S s
Gillett, Berkley physician, res Spring st bet Mill Run st and Two Pole alley E s
Goulder, David laborer, res Columbia st bet Mill run and Factory st S s
Goit, Mrs. C. H. milliner, res Main st bet Spring and Water N s
*Goff, Mrs. Rosanna, res Columbia st bet Spring and Water S s
*Goff, James cook, bds with R. Goff
Gowdy, Wm. carpenter, bds wtih J. Fralick
Goodin, G. B. laborer, res Main st bet Township road and W Cross st
Goode, J. H. lawyer, res High st bet Spring and Limestone S s
Gore, Joshua shoe merchant, res S E cor Spring & High sts
Goble, U. machinist, res Spring st bet Mill Run st and Two Pole alley
Goble, Sanford machinist, bds with U. Goble
Graff, Jos. student of Wittenberg College
Green, Grove W. grocer, res Factory st bet main and Columbia W s
Grub, Jacob, gardner, res cor Light and North sts
Gregor, N. carpenter, res N E cor Columbia & Factory sts
Grant, Wm. butcher, res Yellow Spring st N of North W s
Groblinghoff, Wm. laborer, res Spring hill
Graham, Michael laborer, bds with H. Hart
Grube, John, res Main st bet Spring and Water N s
Greene, Mrs. Ann A., res S W cor Spring and Main sts
Grove, Henry clerk, bds with J. Murphy
*Griffin, Frank whitewasher, res S E cor High & Plumb sts
*Griffin, Mrs. Lovenia, res S E cor High & Plumb sts
Grant, Alexander clerk, bds with J. A. Hall
Graham, Calvin mason, bds with I. H. Compton
Green, David painter, res N W cor Cherry and Clifton sts
Guy, John R. peddler, res Mulberry st bet Center & Factory N s