Clark County, Ohio

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Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


res. - residence.
E. - east.
N. - north.
S. - south.
W. - west
bd., bds - board, boards.
cor. - corner.
bet. - between.
st., sts. - street, streets.
s. - side
Those designated by a * are colored persons.


Eby, Emanuel saddler, bds with J. Householder
Eby, Wm. grocer, res Jefferson st bet Market & Center S s
Edwards, Benjamin, res N E cor Spring and North sts
Elliott, Geo. silversmith, bds with J. Leffel
Elliott, E. G. silversmith, res Main st bet Limestone and Spring N s
Ellifritz, Geo. brick moulder, res S W cor Harrison and Cherry sts
Enoch, W. carpenter, res Columbia st bet Light and Race N s
Enoch, Geo. T. carpenter, res Mound st bet township road and Cherry sts
Enoch, John student, bds with T. Harrison
Epper, Henry laborer res Factory st bet Columbia and North sts
Estep, Dorcus and Malinda dress makers, res Spring st bet Main and High E s
Evans, Washington grocer, res Spring st bet Washington and High E s


Fall, J. C. physician, res Market E s N of Main
Farington, Elizabeth teacher, bds with M. Kauffman
Farther, Matthew laborer, bds at U.S. Home
Farl, Patrick laborer, res High st bet Hill and Cherry S s
Fansler, Henry, res Main st W end S s
Fansler, James grocer, bds with A. A. Shaffer
Fansler, John farmer, bds with A. A. Shaffer
Funkhouse, John grocer, res N W cor Market and Washington sts
Farrow, Mrs. res Two Pole st S end E s
Funkhouse, Wm. drayman, res Washington st bet Market and Center N s
Festler, Jeremiah machinist, res S W cor Foster and Section sts
Felix, J. plasterer, bds wtih Wm. Houchens
Felter, Geo. blacksmith, bds with J. Rohrer
Fish, John stone cutter, res N. W. cor Main and Yellow Springs sts
Fisher, H. gardener, res North st bet Race and Plumb N s
Fitzgerrel, John carriage maker, res North st bet Factory and Mechanic N s
Field, F. laborer, res N E cor Columbia and Light sts
Field, Wm. S. hardware merchant, bds at Anthony House
Fisher, M. W. queensware and china merchant, res Main st bet Limestone and Market S s
Fisk, C. S. butcher, res High st bet Walnut and West Cross st N s
Filler, J. C. miller, res N E cor Hill and Harrison sts
Filbert, Jacob cabinet maker, bds wtih J. L. Richards
Fisher, Jacob mason, res Factory st bet Main and High E s
Fisher, Christian laborer, res Taylor st bet Harrison and Clifton E s
Fish, J. B. engineer, res Factory st be Mulberry and Jefferson E s
Flanagan, John boarding house, Market st E s bet Main and Columbia sts
Flemming, Mrs, res N E cor Market and North sts
Flemming, James plasterer, North st bet Market and Limestone S s
Flood, Peter laborer, bds with G. Foos
Flynn, Patrick laborer, res stone house Main st S s
Flatch, Adam laborer, bds wtih G. Dibert
Flinn, Obediah grocer, bds wtih L. D. Herman
*Ford, Wm. barber, bds with J. Anderson
Fox, Patrick cooper, res Columbia st bet Spring and Water S s
Fogherty, James laborer, bds at U.S. House
Foos, Mrs. Sarah Ann, res Main st bet Spring & Foster S s
Foos, Wm. W. physician, bds with Sarah Ann Foos
Foos, G. merchant, res High st bet Penn & Sycamore N s
Fowler, E. C. clerk, bds wtih G. W. Dalie
Fost, James hatter, bds wtih P. Cotes
Foos, Wm. merchant, res N W cor Spring and Washington sts
Foos, John lawyer, bds wtih Wm. Foos
Foster, Robert laborer, res Hill st S end W s
Ford, John W. teamster, res mechanic S of Washington W s
Fowler, E. H. farmer, res Center st bet Mill Run and S Pleasant W s
Fowler, Ebenezer carpenter, Spring st bet Washington and Mill Run
Francis, John shoemaker, res Market st bet Main and Columbia
Frey, Geo. H. lawyer, bds with Isaac Ward
Frankenberg, Geo. grocer, res N W cor Columbia st and Public Square
Franklin, Cyrus carpenter, bds at Anthony House
Franks, Peter broom maker, bds at U.S. House
Fralick, Joseph grocer, res Croton water works
Frost, Aaron shoemaker, res Main st bet Spring and Foster
Freeman, O. L. book and map seller, res S W cor Plumb and Washington sts
Freeman, L. D. insurance agent, res Mechanic st S end E s
Frye, W. C. clerk in State Bank, res High st bet Center and Factory S s
Frankensteine, G. N. artist, res N W cor Spring & Clifton Ave.
Freeman, John F. carpenter, bds with M. S. Steele
Funk, Joel carpenter, bds at Western Hotel
Funk, John liquor dealer, res Main st bet Center and Factory S s
Fulrod, Henry cabinet maker, res Main st bet Plumb and Yellow Spring S s
Fuller, G. D. farmer, res with O.L. Freeman
Furnase, B. H. railroad agent, res N E cor Center and Jefferson sts


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