Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

The Wildcat

Here the Yearbook class is beginning preparation for recording the 1951 history of Springfield High School. Preparations consist of taking pictures, planning layouts, and writing copy. This year's anual is being done by the photo off-set process. After the pictures are developed to size and the copy has been printed, the staff will paste the gook up and send it to the printer. Then the Yearbook staff, as well as the students and faculty, will eagerly await its publication. Thus, the history of Springfield High School is recorded by the Yearbook class.

The Herald

Whether or not they become newsmen in the future, the Herald staff is doing a fine job of being newsmen in the present. They turn out a paper that rates third in the state of Ohio. Our keen interest in its record of events, in its editorial policy and in its presentation of personalities attests to the success of their efforts.

The staff serve their apprenticeship in Journalism I by preparing a bi-weekly column for the Springfield city papers — a column that keeps the citizens of Springfield posted on the activities of the school.

James Murphy, Sylvia Ballentine, Larry Kettlehake, L. Weinbrecht, Joy West, Shirley Whittington, Bob Everhart, Phyllis Martin and Joyce Young made up the staff that put out the Herald.

Patty Schweikert, Suzanne Curtis, Roberta Upshaw, Jim Feltis, Ann Cox, Shirley Jacobs, Margery Bickford, Carol Derr, Ronald Rowand and Stan Gummere edit the school news column in the Springfield papers. They are in training for Herald staff in 1951.