Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951


Mr. Sealock explains early theater history to Richard Zimmerman and Russel Willerman in dramatic arts class.

Through the phases of speech training Springfield High students learn not only to express their own ideas but also to appreciate the art of speaking. The students gain confidence which they will find of value in addressing their classmates and teachers and in taking their places as citizens in their World of Tomorrow, where they will be prepared to practice the principles of freedom of speech.

This class is demonstrating the various techniques of radio and production.

Larry Kettlehake, affirmative speaker, presents his case to the debate class on the question, "Resolved that American people should reject the welfare state."

Donovan Pearson

Robert Sealock

Participating in round-table discussions such as this Speech 1 stimulates thinking and prepares the student to speak with confidence before a group of people.