Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Social Science

During this period of "cold" and "hot" wars, the Social Science Club and the Philirenean Society have decided to work together temporarily. Supervised by Miss Ruth Ackerson, the Social Science Club tries to mold a more definite interest among its members in the adaptation of their social science courses to the history and activities of our community. Advised by Mr. Ralph Thornburg, the Philirenean society members sell candy, pennants and ribbons at the various school games, and try not to lose sight of their original purpose — The Peace Club.

Portraying the signing of the Springfield city chapter are Bill Kirkham, Norman Myers, Nancy Shaw, President Pat Dillon, V. Pres. Don Morris, Joanne Ringer, Treasurer charles Brougher, and Ronald Rowand.


Jerry McFadden, Ronald Adams, Christine Boyer, Treasurer Sue Shaffer, Marjorie Kennon, and Peggy Collins demonstrate one way philirenean raises money to support a hundred-dollar scholarship which is given each June to an outstanding student.

Sophomore History Forum

Standing left to right: Gwen Sparrow, Judith Turner, Nancy Warren, Nancy Shaw, Bernice Monteith, James Hauke, Emerson Oberlin, Edward Schecter, Dick Hunt. Back row: Janet Grayton, Shirley Carr, Nancy Blanchard, Lois Jorden. Second Row: Charlene Law, Judy Dobbins, Shirley Williams, Eunice Huck. First row: Baraba Murray, Mary Jane Taviner, nancy Burger, Pat Du Val.

Officers: Back row: Paul Krapp, Program Chairman; Jim Henthorne, President; Mr. Garlough, Faculty Advisor; Fred Fried, Chaplain. Front row: Kathleen marken, Secretary; Doris Sonander, Vice President; Nancy O'Shorne, Treasurer.

These people are special in this club: Jim Henthorne, Rota Terrauds, Mr. Garlough, Rita Krkin and Hans Wahwrina.

Paul Krapp and Judith Turner listening to a record.