Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Our World Will Be One World

Ed Schechter conducts one of the school radio programs in connection with Miss Fitz's Latin class. Helping him are, left to right, Sandra Fasic, Martha Hamilton, Marilyn Leach, and Barbara Weller.

Ruth Fitz

Dorothy Krautwater

Clara Glaz

Nina Marie Ladd

Clarence Smith

Because transportation and communication have developed at such a rapid rate, we have suddenly been brought very close to many peoples whom we thought we knew, but whom we now find we do not know at all. For this reason modern languages as they are now taught are not the mere learning of vocabularies and rules of another language, but the study of the customs, the daily lives, and the philosophies of a people. If we make Our World successful, we must learn from them and with them in our Tomorrow.

In our great rush to learn about our good neighbors of today, we have not forgotten that there are wonderful civilizations that have passed. If we approach our study of Latin thoughtfully, we can learn the reasons for their greatness and take heed at the reasons for their decline.

Doris Baker explains a Spanish village to Barbara Elliot and Pat Burns.

Elaine Miller and Joan Patton show the class a skirt and sweater which was sent to Odette Chartier in France for Christmas.

Christmas cards to be sent to Germany were made in all the German classes.