Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Far Above Mad River Valley

Football, choir concerts, class plays, spring and fall dances — the good Booster is in on them all. He has pledged his loyal support to SHS.

Perpetually decorating. Carol McKenna, Janny Mellinger, Denny Tumblison, and Shirley Whittington before the Monroe rally.

Conferring with Mr. Milligan. Dick Bevington, Jac Jones, Ann Mansberger

Shirley Dunbar selling SHS sweaters

The Game's the thing!

The student seen rushing madly about the halls at 4 p.m. is most likely a booster worker. He'll labor long hours to help strengthen school spirit. Boosters, besides attending all important school functions, sell programs at games, put up elaborate dance and pep rally decorations, run exciting game nights, and yell with all their might at sports events. They really deserve the privileges they get.

The cabinet (in a variety of moods). Stevie Stiles, Bryer Chynoweth, Betty Slough, Margie Reeves, Ann Sommers, Janet Young, Elinor Bush, Peg Lemen, Joanne Rinker, Jean Berry, Carol Bottoms, Marilyn Lesh, Jack Brown, Roger McClure, and Larry Kettlehake.