Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951


The McKaig Memorial

C.L. Fox, principal, A.B.Shaffer, adviser of Star and Atom; Phillip Wilks, Charlotte Cain, Bob Crabtree, Jane Rogers, Officers of Star and Atom; Reverend Harold Myers; Mrs. George McKaig; Mrs. Frank McKaig help dedicate the Memorial Science shelf in the Springfield High School Library

A year ago Springfield High School lost a beloved science teacher, Frank McKaig. All this year in consultation with Principal C.L. Fox and their adviser, A.B.Shaffer, the Star and Atom, national science club, have been planning a permanent memorial.

This spring they were able to present to the school the beginning of an up-to-the-minute science library. Mar. McKaig's pastor, his mother, and his wife attended the dedication. His brother took the picture recording the event.


Corridor Permits
Closed Library Sessions


Jim Hagans is tapped for National Honor

Waiting in line for National Honor Initiation
Bill Kirkham, Jim Hagans, Anne Wildman, David Bodenberg, Nancy White, PHil Wilks, Jane Rogers and Richard Markle learn from Mr. Fox that they rank among the first ten in the county in the General Scholarship Test for high school seniors.

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