Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Lunch Room

Martha Collins
Martha Collilns, Dietician
Mary KearfottMary Kearfott, SHS Cafeteria Manager

You've all heard the story of the student whose favorite period was lunch hour? Well, there are many of him at Springfield High School where three periods are required to feed the student body. Whether you buy your whole meal at school or supplement the sandwich from home, there is a wide choice of soups, vegetables, salads, and desserts, all well cooked and attractively served. And with the food go relaxing social contacts that vary from the exchange of gossip to intellectual discussions of science, literature, and the arts. Fourth period lunch boasts a group of chess enthusiasts who eat only as an excuse for getting themselves and their miniature chessboard into the dining room.

Lunch Room
Lunch hour is a social time.

Lunch Room
The line works its way around.