Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Home Makers

The Textile Class not only makes a study of fabrics but also learns many phases of hand work.

Maude Hullinger

Jane Fisher

Marilyn Stewart

Winifred Conley

Every girl hopes some day to make a home of her own. The Home Economics department offers many opportunities to learn practical and useful information in homemaking such as learning to prepare a balanced meal, to manage a home carefully, to recognize different types and qualities of fabrics, then to design and make garments. Such a complete course will give any girl a good background for making a successful home in the future.

Mrs. Fisher teaches how to cut out a dress properly in her clothing class.

No heavy muffins for Xie Maxey. Her muffins are something to be proud of.

With a smart suit that she made herself, Jane Madden is the envy of all her friends. Jane leanred her sewing skill in the Home Economics Department.

An attractive arrangement of flowers adds a cheerful touch to the home as the Family Living class demonstrates.