Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951


(right) Vivian Neuberg observes a Schaeffer Class

Future Teachers of America is a national organization whose purpose is to interest the high school student in teaching as a career. The advisor, Mr. Robert Peters, in cooperation iwth Jane Rogers, president, schedules programs in which the members may learn the necessary qualifications for entering the wide field that teaching opens to them. In the spring each member is given the opportunity to observe and teach one day in the subject and grade in which he is interested. It is an organization with an outlook on the future.

(left) Nancy White explains a latin conjugation as her student teaching assignment.

Every spring the Future Teachers of America holds its formal initiation services at the First Baptist Church. The program is an impressive climax of the year's activities.

Junior Red Cross

Members trim the Christmas Tree

(left) The soldier appreciates his tray favor.

The Junior Red Cross is dear to the hearts of almost every hospitalized soldier. He knows that he will not be forgotten at Christmas, that his trays will be made cheery, and that his long hours of confinement will be supplemented by entertainment. Our organization, under the student leadership of Mary Brooks, is certainly doing its part for the veterans at Patterson Field Hospital.

Carol Star, Bob Dittman, and Bill Shingledecker practice for talent show