Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

First Aid Conditioning Indoctrination Orientation

At the beginning of the second semester, the administrative staff of Springfield High School instituted a required course for all senior boys. Facio, as the course is named, attempts to show the fundamental difference between military and civil functions and help the boys to decide on future plans. The training includes first-aid, taught by Mr. Clauss; co-ordination, by Mr. Pitzer and Mr. Young.

First-aid teaches the fundaments of caring for the injured. Co-ordination, which is really physical fitness, develops rugged health, strength, and endurance in each student.

The purpose of indoctrination is to inculcate understanding of democracy and loyalty. The last important phase, orientation, keeps the boys informed on the different military branches. It is believed that, having taken the course, the boys will be better able to meet future problems.

In the Handicraft class, as in the graphic arts classes, boys and girls are giving expression to the creative urge. As men and women they will find inspiration and relaxation in the work of thier own hands.

The field of expression differs from year to year, depending on the interest of the members of the class-work in wood carving, metal work and sculpture.

This trio practices carrying an injured person

Mr. Young explains military rank

Bob Hebble starts off for the hurdles

There is a difference between the right dress and "Dress Right".