Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Then & Now - City Hall & Esplanade

Located on what is now the esplanade, facing High Street, at the corner of Fountain Avenue, it was also called the City Market House. It had a hall for public meetings, but Whiteley's machine shops were so close, it drowned out anyone trying to speak. Below is Springfield's first City Hall, built in 1848.

The property of the current City Hall has been occupied by numerous businesses over the years. 1920 - Neal Signs. 1930 - vacant. 1940 - Charters-Patterson. 1950 - Sherman Shops Mode-O-Day ... Charters-Patterson. 1960 - Thornton's Clothes. 1970 - Mode-O-Day, Frock Shop. Below is the esplanade area from around the 1940's.

Below is the esplanade area in 2006.