Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This regiment was organized at Camp Taylor, near Cleveland, Ohio, August 10, 1863, and was mustered in for the term of six months. It formed a part of DeCourcy's Brigade, at the surrender of Cumberland Gap, and was on garrison duty at that point until the 2d of December, when it went into the engagement at Clinch River. During the winter following, the regiment suffered severely from cold, disease, want of rations, etc., though not to the extent that other troops that were brigaded with them did. From Reid's "Ohio in the War," the following extract is taken: "The partial exemptions of the One Hundred and Twenty-ninth may well be attributed to the untiring efforts of its commander, Col. Howard D. John, and its faithful Surgeon, Dr. James W. Smith, of Wellington, Ohio."

The regiment was mustered out at Cleveland, from March 5, to 11, 1864. Company C, of this organization, was mainly from this county, and was commanded by the late Capt. Richard Montjoy.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain Richard Montjoy. dd
First Lieutenant, William J. Irvin.
Second Lieutenant, Charles Anthony. pd Captain Ohio National Guard.
First Sergeant, Charles H. Pierce.
Second Sergeant, H.H. McCartney.
Third Sergeant, Wilson Steinmetz.
Fourth Sergeant, Moses S. Wilson
Fifth Sergeant, L.N. Crossland.
First Corporal, A.J. Clingan.
Second Corporal, Frank Crooker.
Third Corporal, T.J. Markwood.
Fourth Corporal, E.J. Stewart.
Fifth Corporal, G.W. Drake.
Sixth Corporal, W.R. Corey.
Seventh Corporal, L.D. Wheeler
Eighth Corporal, David Martin.
Musician, Frank F. Frye.
Musician, M.J. Harrison.
Musician, W.J. Irwin.
Alexander, W.J.
Bradford, Ed
Brown, George
Binkley, Ringgold
Bell, James
Burnett, Theodore
Corbett, Mark
Crossland, Allen
Carlisle, H.T.
Davidson, O.
Daily, Orson
Faren, Jacob
Fitzharris, M.
Hays, A.H.
Hayward, George B.
Hill, George A.
Hershberg, Henry
Johnson, Lewis
Lankanan, John
Laybourn, L.
Lemmon, T.C.
Logan, W.C.
May, W.
Morehead, J.W.
McCreight, D.B.
McCartney, J.
McCormick, W.
McDougal, J.W.
McIntire, O.K.
Matson, Asa
Nitchman, John
O'Brien, Richard
Porter, J.N.
Phillips, H.G.
Powell, Samuel
Pratt, Horace
Poppert, Frank
Pence, A.
Palmer, Theo
Runyan, L.
Robins, M.J.
Shaffer, J.D.
Smith, W.C.
Smith, W.G.
Shipps, Robert
Swope, W.
Shaffer, Abe
Sykes, Alex V.
Snyder, J.
Schmidt, John
Spitual, Jacob
Scott, William
Sherman, John W.
Taylor, N.R.
Tavanner, N.
Temple, C.
Trimmer, David
Taylor, H.N.
Vinal, Geo. H. pd Sergt. Maj.
Wallace, J.W.
Wheeler, J.
Weishael, Washington
Worthington, William
Wolf, D.R.
White, J.
Whitcomb, G.W.
Waggle, B.F.
Warner, E.A.
Zimmerman, H.


The two silken colors of "Regulation" pattern were issued by the State to Col. John while in camp at Cleveland; the National color was pierced by a bullet during the Chinch River affair. Company C being the color company, its commander retained the color in his possession, after the return of the regiment.

NOTE: — This roll was copied from the field-book of First Sergeant Charles H. Pierce, of this Comapny.