Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This was a three months' regiment, called out by Gov. Tod, in May, 1862, under the call of President Lincoln for 75,000 men. It was organized at Camp Chase on the 11th of June, 1862, and on the 16th, left for Clarksburg, W. Va., where it was stationed during most of its period of service. From this point, various detachments were thrown out over the surrounding country, to watch and guard the approaches to that point, where were stored large amounts of Government property. The service performed was of that order requiring activity and watchfulness, combined with promptness of execution. The Eighty-sixth was mustered out at Camp Delaware, Ohio, on the 24th of September, 1862. Company B., of this regiment, was raised in Clark County.


k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, H.D. John, pd. Colonel 129th.
First Lieutenant, James M. Belle.
Second Lieutenant, D.W. Todd, pd. First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster.
First Sergeant, Richard Montjoy, pd Second Lieutenant.
Second Sergeant, James F. Elcook.
Third Sergeant, Chandler Robbins.
Fourth Sergeant, Nathan Taylor.
Fifth Sergeant, John A. Whiteside, pd First Sergeant.
First Corporal, Covert C. Marsh.
Second Corporal, Hamilton Cushing.
Third Corporal, John Rohrer.
Fourth Corporal, John Rea.
Fifth Corporal, George Feidgt.
Sixth Corporal, William Linhart
Seventh Corporal, Theodore P. Harris
Eighth Corporal, William S. Obrien.
Musician, George H. Vinal. dd
Musician, Milton I. Harrison.
Ackerson, Edward
Anthony, Charles
Baker, Henry
Bailey, Girard
Burr, Andrew
Branner, Charles
Bristha, Edward
Banaman, John
Bosart, N. Lewis
Caldwell, W. James
Copes, William
Corey, William R.
Crooker, Frank
Clingman, P. Alonzo
Case, J. Alfred
Drake, W. George dd
Dunlap, Charles
Elder, Wallace
Einerick, M. Charles
Finch, Albert
Fhasher, Jacob S.
Funk, A. John
Foinshill, C. Henry
Geiger, Francis M.
Gibbs, Redin
Holdemen, W. George
Hamilton, James
Hatfield, James
Hershburg, Louis
Herschler, Louis
Humphries, Charles
Hayes, Henry
Knouse, B. Addison
Lafferty, William D.
Lawrence, W. Rawlin
Loyd, Edward
Markwood, J. Thomas
May, William
Minagan, Dennis
Muma, John
Myers, Agustus dd
Morris, H. Oli
Nemsgear, Nicholas
Oldham, Joseph F.
O'Neil, Dennis
Parshelle, M. James
Palmer, Samuel
Parlis, John
Pitty, John
Quinn, Henry dd
Rust, Nathaniel
Rowling, —
Raffensperger, John
Reily, John dd
Simpson, Joseph
Sull, Elias
Stiner, L. Martin
Spar, M. Wm.
Smith, M. Daniel
Slough, Abraham
Steinarty, S. Wilson
Shryock, I. Eldreth
Steel, A. Tieford
Spencer, Myron dd
Sterzenback, George
Street, C. William
Thresher, Frederick
Trounsdle, C. John
Tieman, Isaac
Toland, C. Jerry
Thomas, A. Simeon
Toland, M. Owen
Theyer, M. Oscar
Vallentine, Walter
Woodrow, David
Wons, A. Edward
Welah, William
Welsh, William
Wiley, A. Isaac
Ziegler, Moses
Welchans, James, pd Corporal