Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Nearly the whole of one company of this regiment (Parker's, Co. E.), was recruited in Clark County, and commenced duty at Gallipolis, Ohio, on the 8th of February, 1862. On the 25th of February, 1862, the Sixtieth wasmustered into the United States service, and, on the 27th of April, 1862, it was sent to the field, and about that time it joined Gen. Fremont's forces at New Creek. The record of this regiment was one of active duty during its period of service.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Richard L. Parker.
First Lieutenant, Finley O. Cummings.
Second Lieutenant, Levi M. Rinehart.
First Sergeant, Christie J. Holloway.
Second Sergeant, Samuel Lyle.
Third Sergeant, George Forbes.
Fourth Sergeant, Levi W. Reagle.
Fifth Sergeant, James Leffel.
Corporal, James S. Harr.
Corporal, George Roush.
Corporal, Martin Finch
Corporal, R. Friermood.
Corporal, George Bryan.
Corporal, Owen Ingersoll.
Corporal, Louis Valequette.
Corporal, David Storer.
Becker, John
Burk, Thomas
Bailey, Charles H.
Bell, Wolls A.
Condron, Thomas
Cave, Jacob L.
Condon, Patrick
Drum, Thomas
Donivan, John
Dalrymple, Louis
Farris, William
Gardner, George W.
Givens, James
Greenwood, Thomas
Gleddle, Thomas
Green, Clark
Houchins, John
Hensley, Peter
Hill, Henry
Hord, Oliver W.
Hickey, John F.
Heart, Hugh
Johnston, Jackson
Kiblinger, Aaron
Kiblinger, Abram
Kiblinger, Benjamin
King, Thomas
Livingstone, William
Littler, John L.
Lingle, Clay
Marion, Thomas
McAllister, Walter
Mercer, David
O'Neil, Michael
Patton, Moses
Peneton, Jacob
Rogers, Hamilton
Reigle, Henry
Rockafield, Daniel
Radin, Michael
Stephenson, Edwin
Sitz, Henry
Smith, Riley
Stratton, Solomon
Tean, John
Todd, Thomas C.
Weigel, Henry
Woodward, John
Young, William
Ellster, Barrett
Runyon, Charles
Toland, Moses
Ritter, Joseph
Todd, James
Tucker, Charles
Mugphy, James
McCord, Robert
Ragan, Michael
Smith, James
Boll, Charles
Henry, Henshaw
Luna, John