Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This fine body of soldiers was organized at Camp Chase between the 4th of August and the 7th of September, 1861. Company K of this regiment contained many men from Clark County. The following is furnished by Sergt. James Walker, late of this company.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.


Captain, William H. Wade, p to Colonel.
First Lieutenant, John M. Kills, Brigade Quartermaster
Second Lieutenant, Geo. M. Morris, p to Captain. dd
First Sergeant, W.H.H. McArthur, p to Captain.
Second Sergeant, Alexander Kirkpatrick, Sergeant-Major and Lieutenant.
Third Sergeant, Wm. H. Sterrett.
Fourth Sergeant, Nicholas Mahr, k
Fifth Sergeant, Joseph S. Wallace.
Corporal, Hamilton H. Henry, w.
Corporal, Hamilton M. Morris.
Corporal, Lewis E. Baird, w.
Corporal, Daniel Heath.
Corporal, James H. Forbes.
Corporal, George W. Franklin, w. d.
Corporal Isaac S. Dear d
Corporal, Joseph Kist, w.

Alexander, Joseph p
Arnett, George w
Allen, David dd
Marcus, Bennett w
Brandenberg, E. k
Basel, Henry
Byers, Henry S. dd
Conner, Wm. M
Creswell, Lancelot
Clark, James d
Clark, Wm. E k
Cooper, Jacob
Clifford, Cornelius k
Downey, Christopher
Dudley, James M.
Degroot, John
Danison, Levi
Forbes, John k
Filler, Charles w
Fassler, Joseph w
Farrar, Charles E.
Gedling, Joseph
Gedling, John
Gedling, Samuel
Griffin, Cyrus H. bugler
Gallagher, Cushing
Gibson, Samuel w
Henry, Stephen H. w
Henry, Wm. w d
Heariman, Stephen A.
Hursh, Abram
Jones, Jonathan w
Kizer, David w
Ketrow, Alfred H.
Kester, John
Lewis, John d
Laffel, Jacob d
Leffel, John
Lohner, Peter
Morritt, John w
Miller, Jacob
Maywood, Walter w
Marion, Frederick w
Millerhisher, Charles
Madden, Michael w
Moffatt, Patrick
Murray, Mongo k
Morris, John B.
McKee, David
McDermott, Andrew k
Nagley, Simeon B.
North, Geo. F.
Oderfreldt, Charles
O'Mohundro, Wm. F
Peters, Dennis
Ritchey, Calvin T.
Reed, John d
Randolph, John P.
Stites, Corwin
Seckman, Benj. F. dd
Shue, Conrad w
Sowers, Washington
Slaybaugh, Wm. H.
Shocknessy, Michael w
Scott, Henry
Turpin, Ephraim
Tatmun, Hubble dd
Thayer, Wm. O.
Waggy, George
Weer, Joseph
Wike, Albert
Wilson, Jefferson k
Wheeler, Oscar N. w p
Walker, James C. w
Wright, Samuel p dd
Wooley, George
Young, Geroge W. w dd
Horseman, Amos
Hatfield, Joseph w
Kills, Jacob k

Abers, Chas. drummer
Bailey, George
Figgins, Uriah
Gibson, Andrew J.
Gerhardt, Sebastian
Murray, James
Odenfieldt, Robert
Rickets, Wm.
Rickets, Henry
Stites, Thomas
Shinglederker, John