Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Log Cabin Sonb

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881 - Page 247

I love the rough log cabin;
   It tells of olden time,
When a hardy and an honest class
   Of freemen in their prime
First left their fathers' peaceful home
   Where all was joy and rest,
With axes on their shoulder.
   And sallied for the West.

Of logs they built a sturdy pile,
   With slabs they roofed it o'er;
With wooden latch and hinges rude
   They hung the clumsy door.
And for the little window lights,
   In size two feet by two,
They used such sash as could be got
   In regions that were new.

The chimney was composed of slats
   Well interlaid with clay,
Forming a sight we seldom see
   In this a latter day;
And here, on stones for "fire-dogs,"
   A rousing fire was made,
While round it sat a hardy crew
   "With none to make afraid."