Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


res. - residence.
E. - east.
N. - north.
S. - south.
W. - west
bd., bds - board, boards.
cor. - corner.
bet. - between.
st., sts. - street, streets.
s. - side
Those designated by a * are colored persons.


Nagle, Henry tinner, res S W cor COlumbia and Mechanic
Nash, Patrick laborer, res Columbia st bet Spring and Water S s
Nelson, Henry constable, res S W cor Factory and North
Netz, Lewis basket maker, res Urbana Road W s
Newman, Wm. laborer, res Columbia st bet Spring adn Water S s
Newland, Peter laborer, res Spring st bet Main and Columbia E s
Newcomb, John pump maker, res Mound st bet Cherry & Township Road N s
Newlove, John clerk in auditor's office, res Spring st bet Washington and Clifton W s
Neal, W. J. shoemaker, res Market st bet Jefferson and Washington W s
Neff, John meat seller, bds with M. S. Steel
Night, Wm. laborer, res Mechanic st bet Columbia and North E s
Nibeck, Frederick tanner, bds with H. Bretney
Nichols, Henry laborer, bds with Geo. Dibert
Nichols, Adam laborer, bds with Geo. Dibert
Nicholson, William mason, res Mechanic st S of Washington W s
Nichols, J. D. newspaper agent, res S end Mechanic W s
Nitchman, David teamster, res Taylor st bet Harrison and Clifton E s
Nixon, Thomas carriage maker, bds with R. Black
Northcut, John saddler, bds at American Hotel
North, Mrs. Ellen res Main st bet Township Road and West Cross S s
Norton, Thomas merchant, res High st bet Cherry and Hill S s
Norris, J. B. railroad superintendent, res S E cor High and Spring sts
Norris, C. B. clerk, bds with H. Perkins
Nugent, E. G. shoe store, res Main st Murray's Block
* Nutter, Stephen drayman, res Two Pole st S end E s


Otes, Matthew tailor, res Factory st bet Washington and railroad bridge
O'Brien, Thomas plasterer, bds with P. McDonnell
O'Brien, Wm. res stone house Main st S s
Obenchain, Mathias machinist, res High st bet Center and Factory sts N s
Obenchain, John brickmaker, res Market st S end W s
Ogden, Charles moulder, res S W cor Mechanic and North sts
Ogle, Michael, cooper, bds at United States Hotel
O'Harra, Thomas laborer, bds at United States Hotel
Olds, L. H. woolen manufacturer, res S E cor Limestone and North sts
Olive, Robert blacksmith, bds with A. Green
Olive, Henry blacksmith, res N W cor Jefferson and Market sts
Omsbee, B. A. farmer, res High st bet Center and Factory sts N s
Omarr, John teamster, res, Clifton st S s
O'Neil, Henry saddler, res Main st bet Spring & Foster S s
Osborne, Joseph merchant, res Market st S of depot W s
Ostrander, S. R. engineer, res Center st bet Washington and Jefferson E s
Otstott, J. D. pattern maker, res Columbia st bet Factory and Mechanic N s.
Otstott, George wagon maker, res S W cor Main and Foster sts
Otaway, Joseph railroad man, bds at Western Hotel
Otter, Mrs. Margaret, res S end of Mechanic st W s
Outhart, G. D. barkeeper, bds at diverse places