Springfield, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


res. - residence.
E. - east.
N. - north.
S. - south.
W. - west
bd., bds - board, boards.
cor. - corner.
bet. - between.
st., sts. - street, streets.
s. - side
Those designated by a * are colored persons.


Adams, Wm. turner, res N end of Yellow Spring st E s
Adams, S.H. shoemaker, res Old Dayton road S s
Adair, James W. notion delaer, bds with A.L. Runyon
Adair, Joseph notion dealer, bds at Western Hotel
Adair, Samuel notion dealer, bds at Western Hotel
Adair, Byrus clerk, bds at Western Hotel
Agen, Michael laborer, bds with Mary Bolen
Akin, W.H. proprietor Anthony House
Akin, H.L. bds at Anthony House
Alexander, T.J. drayman, res Columbia st bet Market st and Mill race N s
Alexander, J.G. drayman, bds with T.J. Alexander
Aldrich, Azro farmer, res High st E end S s
Aldrich, Aaron bds with Azro Aldrich.
Alben, Cyrus painter, res Factory st end of Washington
American House, main st bet Mill race and Factory st N s
Anthony House, Main st 3d d from cor Main and Limestone N s
Anderson, William merchant, res High st bet Market and Center, N s
Anderson, John carpenter, res Center st S end E s
Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth, res Main st bet Center and Factory S s
Anderson, William grocer, bds with Elizabeth Anderson
Anderson, Reed carpenter, bds with John Anderson
Anderson, Joseph carpenter res Market st S en W s
Anderson, J.T. carpenter res Market st S end W s
Anthony, C. lawyer, res Market st bet Main and High E s
*Anderson, J. barber, res Main st bet Market and Center N s
*Anderson, Joseph laborer, res Two Pole st S. of Mulberry
Aflex, M. laborer, res S E cor Mechanic st and Lawrence alley.
Applefellow, C. tanner, bds with H. Bretney
Arbagast, Eli carpenter, res Columbia st bet Walnut alley and Mill race S s
Arnett, Mrs. Mary, res S W cor Columbia and Factory sts S s
Arnett, William wagon maker, bds with Mary Arnett
Armstrong, Mrs. Rachel, res S W cor Public Square
Armstrong, Samuel laborer, bds with G. Dibert
Arris, Mrs. Margaret, res Main st bet Spring and Water N s
Aston, Jos. trader, res Walnut alley bet Main and Columbia sts E s
Ash, Wm. F. well-driller, res N E cor Plum and High sts
Atchley, I. plaster, res S E cor Main st and old Dayton road
Athy, James carpenter, bds with Wm. Houchens
Artars, Thomas laborer, N W cor Harrison and Taylor sts
Ault, Washington laborer, bds with G. Dibert